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The vision by Linn Angell: www.linnangell.no

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144 The Blueprint of education for the new generation gives us insights into soulful teaching and learning in a framework where we support our new generation from a place of balance.

The New Generation needs a balance of emotional, spiritual, academic, and physical education.

Pedagogic Meditation (Pm) and safe was developed and channeled, as a new way of teaching our new generation from a higher consciousness!


Linn experienced homeschooling one of her children and found that the methods of 144 and all of her awakened insights were benefitial. In addition to homeschooling, Linn tried the methods and concept in preschools. The 144 fund will be the source of creation for the 144 Homeschooling support, and eventually for the 144 Schools. Support the 144 fund if you want to give a donation!


For now, 144 remains a vision, until we come together in the Destiny Gathering by Sunya, for creation of new earth Ngo's, beginning with the 144.

See you there?