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"Transform consciousness to regain our essence of Love. Co-create our new Earth through 144 education".

Linn Kristin Breivik

"144 is the collective reality of the Christ-consciousness. It is my Soul's Blueprint, my journey and my destination". Read more about Linn Kristin here: 

Linn Kristin is the visionary of "144" and runs her private "144 organization"  She's doing all her work based on her new Earth vision of "000" - ensuring that everyone is able to be part of the shift into Love. Read more about free flow & support here: "ooo"

Linn Kristin is currently offering workshops, speeches, interviews & gatherings where she will share the ancient codes and mysteries of the 144. The 144 workshops will have an individual approach and will always be co-creational and supportive in the process of your own awakening.

Our new Earth: the etheric map of the new Earth and 144 is briefly presented here. More by Linn Kristin on Youtube...
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The New World
144 The Awakening.www.linnkristinbreivik.nowww.144.no